Did you know that we spend close to 90% of our time inside?  That's a lot of time to spend in a place where the pollution is 2 - 5 times and occassionally up to 100 times higher than it is outside.  Up to 100 times higher!  This is called indoor air quality and we would like to help improve yours.

Indoor air is affected by things such as chemicals found in cleaning supplies - VOC's.  Poor indoor air quaility can cause everything from an inability to concentrate to headaches, nausea, fatigue, eye, nose, and throat irritation, to more severe long term illnesses such as liver and kidney damage and even cancer.

All that irritation and discomfort translates into lower productivity and worker absences.  One study by the US Department of Energy even states that businesses could have an ANNUAL productivity gain of $30 - $150 billion just by switching to a cleaning system that improves indoor air quality.

Controlling the source of the pollution is the key to air quality improvement.  Green cleaning products have lower VOC's, are less toxic, and are free of heavy metals and carcinogens.  We employ a green cleaning system that includes safe cleansers as well as advanced products and techniques that minimize particles in the air by maximizing dirt capture.

Our system not only cleans the space you spend your time sitting in all day, but also the space you spend breathing in all day.

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It's pretty bad having to suffer the effects of poor indoor air quality.  It's equally terrible having to suffer the effects of the pollutants that contribute to that poor indoor air because it's your job to use them.

The Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project was a study that found that the average janitor uses 48 pounds of hazardous chemicals per year.  Which is why our janitors aren't average.  People don't need to handle products with ingredients known to cause human health and environmental problems.  When they come to work, they really shouldn't have to worry about chemical burns, skin and eye irritations, breathing problems, and poisoning.  And their famililies certainly don't need to concern themselves with losing a loved one to cancer.

Janitors, along with firefighters suffer from the highest rates of occupational asthma.  We think that's as unnessesary as having to breathe toxic air all day.  Our cleaning system helps to keep your air clean but it also helps keep the people who help keep your air clean, healthy.
We clean green for the health of the planet as well as ourselves. 
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The same hazardous chemicals that pollute our indoor air, pollute our outdoor air, water, soil, and animal life with devastating effects.  Not only do these chemicals end up in our waterways via disposal in drains and toilets, some products have particularly immediate and harmful effects. 

From the by-products of the manufacturing of common cleaning ingredients to the wastewater that's produced after we clean, our planet suffers through the entire process.  Aquatic life suffer from the chemical waste deposited in their homes when we're done with our cleaning.  Plants and animals have to contend with the toxic air borne manufacturing by-products landing on them and their food. And all these terrible things eventully affect us, at the top of the food chain, who breathe the air, eat the animals, and buy the crops contaminated with the toxins we use to keep ourselves clean. 

Using environmentally safe cleaners means that our outdoor spaces don't have to suffer to keep our indoor spaces spic and span.  The small decision we choose to make really can affect the whole and says that we support a healthier way of life for ourselves, for our children, and for our world.  What goes around, comes around.

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why do we clean green?
Our cleaning system combines the most advanced equipment and environmentally ethical cleansers with cleaners with the knowledge and experience to use them.  A few things that help make our green clean effective are our safe cleaning products and our advanced equipment.
Our cleaning chemicals are green.  We use effective cleansers certified by environmental choice and bearing the Ecologo.  Eco logo is North America's most
Our vacuums get the small stuff.  We use only vacuums certified at the gold level under the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal Of Approval Program.  This program certifies vaccums using 3 criteria: dust containment,
Combine these and other advanced tools and cleaning techniques with staff who are trained in the classroom and in the field before they reach your space, a membership with the CSSA to keep up with the latest and greatest in cleaning, and you have a safe and effective cleaning program with built in happiness. 
soil removal, and carpet fibre retention.  This means the dirt we remove from the floor doesn't get thrown back into the air, and your carpet stays looking newer, longer.
If you want to take that extra step to becoming a little greener, we can help you with that too.  Our paper products, garbage bags, soaps and other products are all green seal
get your green on
certified.  Green Seal certifies products which have been tested according to internationally recognized, science-based procedures and
ensures that they work as well
or better than others in their class.  You don't even have to compromise
performance to ease your conscience.
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respected environmental standard and certification mark and meets ISO 14024 standards for eco-labelling.